Parents should understand that, while their children may eventually lose their “primary” teeth, the so-called “baby” teeth should not be considered disposable and unimportant. In fact, a child’s “primary dentition” (first sets of upper and lower teeth) pave the way for the eruption of the permanent adult teeth that replace them. The process of losing all the baby teeth and replacing them with permanent teeth takes about six years, lasting from about age six until the age of twelve. During this period, known as the “mixed dentition” stage, children will display a mix of baby and permanent teeth. Throughout this time, children’s teeth should be checked regularly to ensure that baby teeth remain healthy and permanent teeth erupt properly.

Our message is clear—making our younger patients feel at ease from the moment they come into our office is an important part of establishing a positive dental experience. We intend to make all our patients comfortable by providing a relaxing atmosphere and the most up-to-date procedures and equipment available in the dental industry today. We welcome all members of your family.

P.S. Children have a set of 20 primary (“baby”) teeth which fall out and are replaced by a set of 32 permanent adult teeth.