It is worth mentioning that many people do not have perfect “Hollywood” smiles, but they do have smiles with features that make them immediately recognizable and lovable. For example, one well-known French dentist employs a technique known as “micro-rotations” to create smiles of “harmonious asymmetry.” In order to give their face a more youthful appearance, adult patients may decide to have their lateral incisors rotated slightly instead of having their four front teeth aligned in a perfect row. If you want to see an example of harmonious asymmetry, look at Keira Knightley’s natural smile. Once you see her smile, you will likely agree that she would not be herself without this endearing “imperfection.”

A smile doesn’t have to be perfect to be perfectly lovely. We are a full-service dental care practice, emphasizing listening to our patients’ needs and designing a treatment plan to suit their individual wishes and hopes. From a comfortable and inviting dental office to gentle treatment and complete continuing care, we want you to enjoy your teeth for a lifetime.

P.S. The French dentist mentioned above, Didier Fillion, helped Kate Middleton achieve the smile she desired prior to her wedding to Prince William.