When a tooth is too damaged to accept a filling but not damaged enough to require a crown, dental “onlays” and “inlays” present excellent options. These types of dental restorations, which are also referred to as “indirect fillings,” are used to repair teeth’s damaged chewing surfaces. In cases where there is no damage to the tooth’s cusps, an inlay will be placed between the cusps. If one or more cusps are fractured, an onlay will be used to restore the damaged cusps. Requiring the removal of more tooth material than a filling, but much less material than a crown, onlays and inlays are more durable than fillings and less expensive than crowns.

We will be glad to discuss onlays and inlays and other options available to keep your smile a beautiful, happy one. We believe in an informed patient, and we promise to provide you with information regarding all aspects of your dental care. You can always count on our experienced, honest recommendation for the treatment best suited to your dental needs. Our goals are the same as yours—a healthy mouth and a brilliant smile. We are in network with Delta Dental and are considered a preferred discount dentist for Cigna Dental.

P.S. Dental inlays and onlays may be constructed of gold, tooth-colored composite resin, or porcelain.