It has recently been noted that a popular cocktail can erode tooth enamel and give rise to cavities. The Aperol Spritz is an Italian-inspired cocktail that combines Prosecco (a less-expensive alternative to Champagne) and Aperol (an Italian aperitif composed of bitter orange, rhubarb, and other ingredients). As it turns out, drinking too much of this popular cocktail exposes teeth to the residual sugars and acids that sufficiently eat away at enamel to cause what has come to be known as the “prosecco smile.” Of course, there is nothing new in all this, in that dentists and health professionals have long advised against drinking carbonated beverages, which get their fizz from the release of carbon dioxide, which dissolves into carbonic acid.

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P.S. With respect to consuming acidic and sugary foods and drinks, moderation is key. It also helps to rinse with water after consuming foods that pose a danger to tooth enamel.