When a cavity is too large to be filled or when a tooth is significantly weakened, the dentist is likely to recommend that it be replaced with a “crown” (or “cap”) that takes the place of the visible portion of the tooth that sits above the gum line. Crowns fit over the top of a tooth and  protect what is underneath. Once they are cemented in place, they act as a new top for the tooth, while keeping it from breaking apart. Because they are mostly indistinguishable from natural teeth, crowns also restore the appearance of the mouth. They are constructed of very resilient and durable materials, including gold alloys; precious, semiprecious, or nonprecious alloys; porcelain; and composite resins.

Crowns are just one option available today to change the look of your teeth. Don’t hide your smile behind a lack of information. We want our patients to be comfortable not only with the function of their teeth, but also with the appearance of their smile, and a consultation at our office is an excellent opportunity to discover your dental alternatives. New patients are always welcome.

P.S. Crowns are also recommended to restore a tooth that has undergone root-canal treatment.