Older adults may think they are no longer at risk for getting cavities because they no longer eat sweets with the abandon of young children. However, the risk of developing tooth decay begins to rise with the onset of middle age. In part, this has to do with receding gums, which leave vulnerable roots exposed. There is also the increased potential for old amalgam (silver-colored) fillings to shrink or fracture, thereby allowing bacteria to seep down into old cavities to start decay anew. Furthermore, many older people experience reduced saliva production, a condition aptly called “dry mouth,” which reduces the ability to stave off tooth decay. For all these reasons, older adults should remain vigilant against decay.

Our goal is to assist our patients in overcoming the many assaults that can damage a healthy mouth. Our weapons against these dangers include up-to-date procedures, the latest in techniques and equipment, a friendly, positive outlook, and a true desire to see our patients achieve the smile they desire and deserve. For dental care for all members of your family, please call us for an appointment.

P.S. Adult patients may want to ask their dentist about fluoride gels or sealant application to stave off tooth decay.